Untangler Shedding Rake: Rotating teeth deep cleans without causing pet pain


Product Description

Untangler Shedding Rake  22 silky smooth staggered rotating teeth  (1.25" and 1")  gently reach deep into the animals coat to lift out loose hair and fur without causing pain.

Design for Large Breeds with thick coats. Retrievers, Huskies, Sheepdogs, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands, German Shepherds, Collies, Goldens, St Bernards, Malamutes and others.

I am Barney B. a Newfoundland pup living Mt Martha VIC Australia. Just received my favorite Untangler shedding rake and is working magic on my coat.  Feeling much cooler now and looking good  Eh?  BIG tail wags to Untangler.

 Benefits of Untangler's rotating tooth grooming rakes:

  • Humane shedding:  rotating teeth is key in stopping pet hair from wrapping around the pin and pulling which prevents pain to your pet.  Because the teeth move and glide, you will notice your dog does not flinch or pull away from you as you deep clean the skin and coat.
  • Healthy skin and coats: smooth rounded tips gently rub and massage the  skin, stimulating circulation to keep skin and coats healthy.  
  • Never Tarnish: solid stainless steel teeth never tarnish and can be safely disinfected in solutions to prevent the spread of allergens.
  • Safe Secure bindingPatent design allows pins to float free in the spine but are securely sonic welded to prevent pins from falling out and causing injury.  
  • Comfort Grip 1"x1"x1" thick handle allows a solid comfort giving you easy movement for grooming under legs, around neck and hard to reach areas. Very easy to maneuver.  

 Made with Precision in USA

I am Rose, a Great Pyrenese living in Red Rock , NB Canada.  "The Untangler rake is my grooming tool of choice.  I love the rub of Untangler's rotating teeth  Keep it coming"  4 PAWs + a BIG tail wag rating.

The effectiveness of traditional T-Shaped Rakes by Untangler

Rakes are designed to pull out dead coat and shedding fur with ease. The T-shape designed top bar is long, up to 6 inches across.  The teeth are long, sinking deeply into heavy, long coats. 

This type of rake is designed to remove dead coat while not damaging the healthy coat. You work the tool in the natural direction of the coat growth. Care must be used not to sink the comb too far into a dense coat repeatedly with too much pressure. 

Used correctly, rakes can be highly efficient for removing dead coat or “lint” from rustic-coated breeds. They are used primarily on double-coated, heavy-coated, or rustic-coated dogs.

Untangler History!

Untangler® invented the original 360 degree rotating tooth combs, brushes and rakes to deliver pain-free humane grooming care to pets.  

Untangler has been sold for more than 18 years,  built and hand assembled in Hoffman Estates, Illinois by a superior team of veteran employees. Groomers Breeders and Vets use Untangler for expert grooming care and recommend it for daily care.

Untangler® rotating tooth combs and rakes keep you pets looking groomed and fabulous without pain!

Untangler products for loving care

Made in USA

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