Long Handle PRO Pet Brush with rotating teeth - reduces pulling and pain


Product Description

NEW! Untangler Pro Brush all Breed Types

8.25" Long Handle Professional Brush with 40 rotating teeth detangles pet hair with less pulling force which prevents pet pain.   Model # T906PRO

PRO Brush Features

  • Oval Head 
  • 40 Rotating solid stainless-steel teeth with rounded smooth tips
  • Long 8.25" Articulated Handle 
  • Ergonomic design for all day use

PRO Brush Benefits: 

  • Prevents Pet Pain: Silky smooth stainless-steel teeth rotate and glide,  significantly reducing the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain. Brush down and out, away from the dog’s skin in the direction the coat grows.
  • Untangles Wet and Dry Pet Hair.  Teeth Rotate and wiggle, gently loosening tangled hair and mats.  If large mats are found, separate with fingers or spray the mat and then use a wide-toothed comb to clear it. Continue brushing the entire coat .
  • Increases Circulation:  The Pro Brush with 40 rotating teeth are narrow spaced giving the skin a healthy massage and rub cleaning dirt and debris.  Smooth tipped teeth increase natural oil production keeping skin and coats healthy.  Pets love the rubbing massaging feel on their skin.  They relax. 
  • Safe to disinfect:  solid stainless-steeth never tarnish. Can be safely disinfected.
  • Made in USA!

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Special Info on Brushing the Dogs Tail

Many owners are uneasy about hurting their dog by handing his or her tail/  A dogs tail is actually part of the dogs spine. Done carefully, there are several options for brushing your dog's tail so that it looks great and protects your dog's delicate tail area.

  • From a Dog's Perspective Most dogs are not super crazy about having their tails touched or handled--they definitely don't want the hair on their tail pulled! Dogs may be sensitive, because tails often get injured by being slammed in doors, or stepped on, so they are nervous of having them handled. Also, the tail is part of your dog's spine and a sensitive body part they will try to protect.
  • Preparation: Working to avoid pulling tail hair and making your dog comfortable with having their tail brushed will be necessary to get your dog’s full cooperation in the tail brushing procedure.

STEP 1: Wrap hand around tail Grab the base of your dog's tail, hold the tail bone in your hand with your thumb on one side, and wrap your fingers around so that the dangling hair lays on your splayed fingers.

STEP 2: Depending on your preference, select the Untangler Pro Brush.  Brush from root to tip of the section of the tail you are holding, with hair laying against your fingers to prevent hair from moving and to support hair and tailbone so pulling of hair is at a minimum.

STEP 3 Work each section Move your hand down the tail as you complete brushing each section, moving down to the tip of the tail. Continue holding the tail bone with hand and thumb and resting fanned tail hair against splayed fingers as you brush each section.

STEP 4 Stop brushing and work out mats when you find them. Use a mat splitter, your fingers or small Untangler pet comb to gently work out matted hair. Continue holding and supporting the tail.

STEP 5: Finish brushing and then use a small Untangler Comb to locate any knots you missed.

Do dogs feel better after being brushed?  YES!

Regular grooming relaxes the dog who's used to it, and it becomes a special time that you can both share. A coat free of mats, burrs and tangles and skin free of fleas and ticks are as comfortable to your dog as fresh, clean clothes are to you. It makes you feel good, and the effect is the same for your pet.


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