7" Pet Comb: rotating teeth reduce painful grooming. Favorite comb of Golden's and Griffons!


Product Description

7" Pet Comb by Untangler -superior for clearing tough matted hair on both Medium and Large Breeds without pain.  Superior comb for everyday basic grooming. 

Model #: T716PC

  •  Rotating teeth reduce grooming  pain: 51 silky smooth stainless-steel teeth  continuously rotate 360 degrees  to prevent pet hair from wrapping around the pin and pulling on the hair follicle which prevents pain. Rotating teeth glide unlike rigid teeth that pull hair from the root.  You will notice your dog does not flinch or pull away from you as you clear mats and groom. 
Professional Groomer & Award Winner-  Lorraine,  Griffon Show Dog Winner
Walla Walla Kennel Club 2020

"I use my  Untangler combs almost daily to get dead hair out. , " they are super to get burrs out of coat without  taking out too much hair."   Lorraine 

  • Healthy skin and coats: smooth rounded tips gently rub and massage the  skin increasing circulation allowing skin to breathe which keeps skin and coat healthy.  Rubbing teeth relax your pets muscles and gives a gental massage.
  • Ergonomic hold: Handle Indent allows secure grip and comfort when untangling matted hair and grooming. 
    • Long lasting- Never Tarnish: solid stainless steel teeth never tarnish and can be safely disinfected in cleaning solutions to prevent the spread of germs or diseases.

    • Safe Secure binding: Patent design allows pins to rotate but are securely sonic welded in the binding which prevents them from falling out and causing injury to children or pets.  


    Video: Professional Groomer Demo using T716PC on Portguese Water Dog:  https://youtube.com/shorts/P3VHqGsRYng


    Champion Breeder King Charles Cavalier- Bonnie Sands

    I was initially introduced to the "Untangler Comb" many years ago by a fellow Cavalier breeder as the "most effective grooming tool for detangling Cavalier ears".  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ears seem to be a natural magnet for tangles and mats - always collecting food and other items that their long ears come into contact with. 

     The Untangler Comb is now part of my regular regimen for regular or show grooming.  I comb out my Cavaliers' coat using the Untangler Comb to remove any mats or tangles prior to any bath or blow drying.  It easily removes mats and tangles without causing the dog any discomfort, which is of the utmost importance to me! 

     Since then, not only have I ordered them for myself, but I have ordered them for my Cavalier pet owners and I would recommend  Untangler Combs as a permanent addition to any grooming kit!  

     Bonnie Sands; Jewelcroft Cavaliers Kitchener, ON; Canada

    Untangler News!

    Untangler® invented the original 360 degree rotating tooth combs, brushes and rakes to deliver pain-free humane grooming care to pets.

    For dogs with hair:  Untangler combs with rotating tines are proven tools that gently and effectively untangle matted dog hair.  Silky smooth, stainless-steel tines are tapered with smooth rounded tips that continuously move up and down and rotate 360° preventing hair from snagging preventing pain to your pet. The massaging pin comforts and calms pets so they relax and allow you to groom with ease. 

     For dogs with fur:   Use the Untangler combs with extra-long teeth to untangle thick fur before brushing.   Use Untangler Rakes to clear loose fur deep in the undercoat.  Untangler  Rakes also use Tines that  continuously move up and down and rotate 360°.  Many pets recognize the the tools that give them a massage and don’t hurt.  Untangler is one of those Brand that dogs love~ 

    Groom with ease using Untangler®

    Untangler has been sold globally for more than 18 years and always manufactured in the USA. Built and hand assembled in Hoffman Estates, Illinois by a superior team of veteran employees who love dogs and cats.

    Over 8 million Untangler Combs have sold globally. Professional Groomers Breeders use and endorse Untangler for expert grooming care.   Veterinarians recommend Untangler for humane mat removal and daily grooming.

    Thank you for using Untangler® to keep you pets looking fabulous without pain. Keep Untangling!

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