Pet Comb Groom Set - 5" & 7" silky rotating stainless teeth for easy mat removal.


Product Description

Pet Comb Groom Set: wonderful combo- silky smooth rotating teeth to clear mats and groom beautifully without causing pain to your pet.   (Coarse spacing)

Set Includes:  
  • One - 5" Comb - 36 silky smooth rotating teeth, and
  • One -7" Comb-51 silky smooth rotating teeth

Benefits of Untangler Combs

  • Easy and humane mat clearing: Rotating teeth prevent hair from wrapping around the pin and pulling on the hair follicle which prevents pain to your pet.

  • Promotes Pet health: tumbled smooth tipped teeth gently rub and massage the skin stimulating circulation and natural oil production, keeping skin free from crust build up and coats shiny.
  • Safe Binding: Sonic welded teeth prevent pins from falling out keeping children and animals safe from chewing or choking on loose pins.
  • Pure stainless teeth never Tarnish: Stainless teeth never tarnish, combs can be safely cleaned in disinfectant solutions to prevent the spread of germs and disease.
  • Toxic Free:  pharmaceutical grade materials  BPA Free.
  • Made in USA: made with precision care in the USA

Groomer preferred Combs

for: Portuguese Water Dogs, Doodles, Terriers, Corgi's, King Charles Cavalier's, Cocker Spaniels, Goldens and all Breeds with curly and medium long coats. 

The Untangler Comb is now part of my regular regimen for regular or show grooming.  I comb out my Cavaliers' coat using the Untangler Comb to remove any mats or tangles prior to any bath or blow drying.  It easily removes mats and tangles without causing the dog any discomfort, which is of the utmost importance to me!   
Bonnie Sands Award Winning: Breeder and Groomer
Jewelcroft Cavaliers, Kitchener, ON,Canada


Untangler News!

Untangler ® is the inventor of the original 360 degree rotating tooth combs, brushes and rakes to ensure  pain-free grooming for Dogs and Cats.

Untangler has been sold for more than 18 years and always manufactured in the USA. Built and hand assembled in Hoffman Estates, Illinois by a superior team of veteran employees who love dogs and cats. Over 8 million Untangler Rakes and Combs have sold globally. 

Professional Groomers and Breeders use Untangler grooming tools for  expert grooming.   Veterinarians recommend Untangler for humane mat removal between Vet appointments.

Untangler® to keep you pets looking fabulous without pain. 

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