Untangler 7" Cat Comb dual-spaced-smooth rotating stainless teeth - Vet Recommended!


Product Description

Untangler dual-spaced Cat Comb specifically designed for cats. Vet recommended for superior Cat Care.  Gently untangles matted hair without pain.  No more cutting out knotted hair. Model# T716KC

Benefits of the Untangler dual spaced Cat comb

Untangles matted cat hair without pain55 silky smooth, dual-spaced stainless-steel teeth rotate while moving up/down, preventing cat hair from wrapping around the pin and pulling, preventing pain and increasing cat comfort. Dual-spaced comb enables mat clearing and fluffing in an all-in-one comb making grooming a breeze.

Promotes cat health: smooth, rounded tipped teeth move up and down while they rotate, deep cleaning dander in the cat’s skin. The goal of daily grooming is to keep your cat from shedding as much, so that the allergens don't make their way onto all of your belongings.  Regular combing decreases the amount of dander, which will lessen the spread of the allergens on clothes keeping you and your cat healthy.

Massages and relaxes:  rotating teeth stimulate circulation in the cat’s skin and muscles providing  a comforting massage which makes grooming enjoyable . Cats and kitty’s love the massaging rub.

Never Tarnish: solid stainless steel teeth will never tarnish and can be safely disinfected to prevent the spread of allergens and germs.

Secure bindingPatented design allows teeth to rotate freely in the spine but are sonic welded to prevent them from falling out keeping children and pets safe from loose pins.   

Made in USA: manufactured, assembled and packaged with precision in Hoffman Estates, Il. USA.   

Untangler Cat Combs - groom without pain with superior results.

 " i am Luly from Buenos Aries Argentina...........Love my Untangler Comb.  Feels great on my skin and coat. Meow!   I recommend it."

Patricia A - East Meadows, NY - 5 Stars!

"I have used your wonderful combs since 1986!! They are, in my opinion, the best on the market!!I love the quality, they are not uncomfortable to my furbabies with long hair!!I have Persian Cats, Shih Tzus.  When I have litters of babies. I have purchased your products, they go home with each kitty or puppy in their care packages when they leave me!! I hope you stay around forever, there is no comparison to your products."


 Recommended by: Veterinarians. 

Dr. Ashley Paper DVM, CVA
St. Augustine Veterinarian; Anastasia Cat Clinic, St Augustine, FL

I use the 5” narrow spaced Untangler Kitty Kat Comb and the 7” dual-spaced Kitty Kat Comb for detangling and grooming Cats.  The rotating teeth are truly the secret ingredient.  Cats have tender skin. Cutting hair or brushing without gently combing through knots is painful for Cats.  The Untangler combs are uniquely designed to gently untangle mats and knots.  I give careful instructions to my clients.  Once they visualize how the comb works they love grooming their cats between visits to the Vet. I give Untangler Kitty Kat Combs as gifts so that they can effectively clean and groom their Felines at home.


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