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Made in the U.S.
Made in the USA!
The inventors of rotating tooth grooming tools to prevent pain

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Rotating Teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain

Super Groom Pet Comb with Rotating Teeth deep cleans skin and coat. Best Seller Small Breeds! #T705SS

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More Information:

Untangler Super Groom Pet Comb: 22 silky smooth, wide-spaced rotating stainless-steel teeth remove small mats and deep clean skin with less pulling and pain. Rotating teeth are much more gentle to pets, significantly reducing the pulling force on skin delivering more comfort to pets during grooming.  Model# T705SS

Best Comb for Dogs including: Aussies, Yorkies, Maltese, Poo’s, Minature Schnauzer’s, Pyreneese Shepherds, Havanese and many other Breeds.

Best Comb for Cats including: Main Coons, Ragdolls, Turkish, Balinese and many more.


Rotating teeth move and glide reducing gooming pain and providing comfort.

  • Effective small mat untangler: rotating teeth move and glide to remove small mats.  Hold mat at skin level working from outside toward skin. Rub mat with mat removal spray or light cornstarch to loosen the mat.  Comb daily to prevent mats from froming. Pet hair is similar to human hair, daily combing is the best way to keep the coat free from mats
  • Deep cleans skin and coats: Rounded smooth tipped teeth rub the skin, increasing circulation and natural oil production preventing crust build up and itching.  Natural body oils defend against dry skin and dull coats.  Rubbing rotating teeth comfort pets which relaxes them during grooming.  Allow pups to snif the tools before grooming.  Some even prefer certain colors.
  • Never Tarnish: solid stainless-steel teeth never tarnish and can be safely cleaned disinfected.  Stainless-Steel naturally prevents static build up when combing.
  • Secure binding: Patent design allows pins to float free in the spine but are securely sonic welded in the binding preventing them from falling out and causing injury.

Made in USA!

Award Winning Breeder of Havanese; Marie Asunray Havanese Kennel:  The Untangler Super Groom and Super Groom II Combs are especially useful in gently removing mats while cleaning and grooming the Havanese coat. The Untangler Dual-Spaced Comb is convenient and effective ringside. We use it for touch up and  finishing before going into the show ring.

Untangler News!

Untangler® invented the original 360 degree rotating tooth comb to reduce grooming pain. Vet’s recommend Untangler rotating tooth tools for effective daily grooming between groomer visits. Untangler® tools for humane effective daily care of pups and felineMade in USA

Untangler is sold Globally. Manufactured and hand assembled by Steven Plastics Inc, Hoffman Estates Illinois by a superior team of veteran employees. Untangler® grooming products for loving care.

15 reviews for Super Groom Pet Comb with Rotating Teeth deep cleans skin and coat. Best Seller Small Breeds! #T705SS

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  • Nanci K

    Fantastic. Untangler is so easy to use and wiggle out matted hair. Where have you been. I’m back online buying the Super groom II with extra fine teeth for my Yorkie. Love the way the teeth rotate and rub. Charlie sits still, hmmm. good

    June 6, 2021
  • Simon B

    Excellent tools for Yorkies and Schnauzers. Thanks to my sisters for a great Christmas gift. Frankie and Johnny, my dogs are looking fantastic. The stainless steel teeth are fantastic, no pulling and no static.

    December 30, 2020
  • Denise C

    If you have silky haired cats or dogs, Wow this is the comb works. I have one of each. My Yorkshire, Pookie uses the blue combs and Bowie, my siberian uses the purple comb. Excellent comb for untangling matted hair. Handle is the perfect length and i love how the teeth rotate. superior design.

    December 12, 2020
  • Margaret B

    I bought it for a friend who just acquired a puppy with hair, not fur…I had three Maltese the oldest past away at the age of 16 1/2. Maltese have hair, not fur. They hate brushes, specially if they get some kinks or a burr after playing outside. They hated brushes period. This comb is fantastic..each tine moves/turns on itself independently of all the others which means that when it hits a snag it goes through it smoothly and removes it with no pain. If too tight, then give it some help, and hold on to the scalp or the other end so you dont go at it too harshly. but in the end you never have to cut the burrs, or hair off. The comb takes care of that..& if you have daughters with thick coarse hair! what a Godsend! my visiting nieces kept stealing the spares I had. So, I always bought more than I needed and kept for dogs and humans!

    December 4, 2020
  • Sally Anne

    I just bought one Super Groom in every color. This is the most fantastic versatile comb i have ever used. Dogs, cats kids…………It really untangles without pulling. Incredible that the teeth spin.. I’m a believer! When will you get purple back in stock???

    June 27, 2020
  • Nancy S

    Hey, i needed both combs and love the ability to purchase the set. I use Super Groom to get out BIG BAD mats and use Super groom II to wiggle out the smaller mats. Just easy to use! Untangler works!

    May 15, 2020
  • Sandra Lynn P

    I just bought one in every color. I use this comb on my pets and my family 🙂 What a great discovery. This comb is so fabulous on wet hair, guess you will have to try it and find out like i did. I used this comb for my Havanese, Bobo, and for my Terrier, Lodo. I had no idea about the effectiveness of rotating teeth. My pets love me now, no more winning. The comb doesn’t hurt them.

    March 10, 2020
  • Keith M

    I’ve had my untangler forever and it is the comb I turn to when my Old English Sheepdogs have matts so I’ve used more than a thousand. The untangler is especially great with long double coated breeds! I’ve got to the 7″ dematting comb as well so i am online now. The thick handle is perfect for tough tough matted hair. Love the sky blue color. I just noticed that.

    January 5, 2020
  • Henry

    My wife is a Dog Groomer and uses these combs on bichons, yorkies, and even on the ears and tails of large breeds. she relies on these tools. But we could not find these tools online anywhere. But alas! We found the Untangler website! I ordered a dozen this time and the combs are working as great as usual. I am glad that these combs are made in USA so i am even more of a fan. Go Untangler and go USA!

    October 30, 2019
  • Katie

    This comb is one of the BEST tools I’ve found for grooming our bichon. The rolling metal tines of the comb spin through matted undercoat and do a wonderful job of working through both top and bottom layers of fur! Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price!

    October 30, 2019

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