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Made in the U.S.
Made in the USA!
The inventors of rotating tooth grooming tools to prevent pain

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Rotating Teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain

3 PC Super Groom Set with Smooth Rotating Teeth – reduces painful grooming for Dogs and Cats

How to use:

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More Information:

Super Groom 3 Piece Set:  Each tool uses silky smooth rotating teeth that glide to easily clear matted fur.  Each pin on each tool is designed to rotate independently, providing a gentle fluid motion that clears small mats without causing pain to your pet.  Rotating teeth deliver much more comfort to canines and felines during grooming. Vet recommended tools for effective and humain daily grooming

Set Includes:

  • Super Groom Comb (T705SS) – 22 Course Teeth
  • Super Groom Comb II (T735SS) – 30 Fine Teeth
  •  V-Shaped Mini-Rake (T821RK) – 21 V-shape, double row long teeth

The Set includes: 1 Super-Groom Comb with  22 wide-spaced Teeth and 1 Super-Groom II comb with 30 narrow-spaced teeth. The famous V-Shape double row mini rake with 1”long  rotating stainless-steel teeth.

Tips: When clearing matted hair with Untangler Tools, hold mat at skin level and work mat from outer tip toward skin. Rub mat with a small amount of cornstarch to soften if needed.  Be patient, pins rotate and glide and can untangle most mats preventing the need for cutting them out.

Rotating teeth gently rub the animal’s skin, increasing circulation and stimulating natural oil production which keeps skin lubricated and coats shiny.   Daily combing and brushing spreads natural oils through the coat improving health and increasing coat sheen. Combs are made with 100% solid stainless-steel and will not tarnish and can be safely cleaned in salon solutions or cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Stainless-Steel teeth prevent static build-up and fly away hair.

Effective for Dogs with long, silky, or wavy coats including Yorkies, Havanese, Lhapa Apso, Maltese, Australian silky Terrier, Wheaten Terriers, Coton de Tulear;

Effective for Cats  including Persians, Ragdolls, Norwegian’s Maine Coons and others.

Recommended by Vets!  Vets and Groomers highly recommend Untangler Rotating tooth combs for effective and humane dematting and grooming.

Manufactured, hand assembled by the Untangler Team at Steven Plastics in Hoffman Estates, IL USA.



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