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Made in the USA!
The inventors of rotating tooth grooming tools to prevent pain

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Rotating Teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain

Small 5″ Cat Comb rotating teeth gently untangles mats and grooms. Vet Recommended!

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Untangler 5″ Cat Comb has 43 narrow-spaced silky smooth rotating teeth that gently remove tough matted hair. Vet Recommended for gentle and humane feline grooming. Model # (T516KC)


Especially designed for Kitties and Cats:

Untangles without pain:  ultra-fine spaced stainless-steel teeth rotate and glide, significantly reducing the pulling force on skin preventing pain.

Massages and Relaxes: smooth rounded tipped teeth gently massage and clean the skin. The goal of daily grooming is to keep your cat from shedding as much, so that the allergens don’t make their way onto all of your belongings.  Regular combing decreases the amount of dander, which will lessen the spread of the allergens on clothes and belongings, keeping you and your cat healthy.

Never Tarnish: solid stainless steel teeth will never tarnish and can be safely disinfected in cleaning solutions to prevent the spread of allergens and germs.

Secure binding:  Patent design allows pins to float free in the spine but are securely sonic welded in a binding to stops them from from falling out and injuring children and pets.

Made in USA:  manufactured, assembled and packaged with precision in Hoffman Estates, Il. USA.

Recommended by: Dr. Ashley Paper DVM, CVASt. Augustine Veterinarian; Anastasia Cat Clinic

I use the 5” narrow spaced Untangler Kitty Kat Comb and the 7” dual-spaced Kitty Kat Comb for detangling and grooming Cats.  The rotating teeth are truly the secret ingredient.  Cats have tender skin. Cutting hair or brushing without gently combing through knots is painful for Cats.  The Untangler combs are uniquely designed to gently untangle mats and knots.  I give careful instructions to my clients.  Once they visualize how the comb works they love grooming their cats between visits to the Vet. I give Untangler Kitty Kat Combs as gifts so that they can effectively clean and groom their Felines at home.

Untangler News!

Untangler ® is the inventor of the original 360 degree rotating tooth combs, brushes and rakes to ensure healthy, humane,  pain-free grooming for Dogs and Cats.

Untangler has been sold for more than 18 years and always manufactured in the USA. Built and hand assembled in Hoffman Estates, Illinois by a superior team of veteran employees who love dogs and cats. Over 8 million Untangler® Rakes and Combs have sold globally.

Professional Groomers and Breeders use and endorse Untangler for expert grooming care.   Veterinarians recommend Untangler® Tools for humane mat removal and daily grooming.

Untangler® Professional Grooming Tools keep kitties and cats in good health .

14 reviews for Small 5″ Cat Comb rotating teeth gently untangles mats and grooms. Vet Recommended!

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  • Fran K. USA

    I have a huge Tabby – shorthair – but fur is thick, dense and easily mats. I have a huge variety of grooming tools on hand. Now that I’m elderly and handicapped, I needed something simple and easy to use that I can keep nearby. This comb is excellent – I already had one upstairs, and ordered an extra for downstairs when Fatty is sitting next to me. It really removes so much fur – he sheds like crazy , particularly in the Springtime. He loves to be combed with this grooming comb – we’re both happy. Highly recommend this comb.

    December 20, 2022
    Verified Purchase
  • Michelle K

    This is the best comb ever!! My cat loves this comb. Everytime I rattle that teeth she comes running.

    July 2, 2021
  • Shiela in frigid colorado

    This 5″ cat comb is exceptional. No wonder my Vet recommended it. My Vet showed me how effectively untangle mats using this comb and now I really understand why this comb is so effective. Coaching helps.

    March 12, 2021
  • LeeAnne J

    Second one I’ve purchased. No tangles, no sharp points.teeth rotate to prevent tangling. Goes deep to remove hair. My cats Lucy and Lucas love it. Just needed a spare. Worth the money!

    November 24, 2020
  • Nick R

    Excellent tool. works as described. The ultra-fine teeth really remove matted hair. Need to work it a bit but Wow! I am amazed. My Kitty doesn’t seem to mind. She loved the feel of the comb. Thumbs up Untangler!!

    May 2, 2020
  • B. Rothenberg

    This 5″ fine spaced cat comb is workss period. The teeth that rotate plus the smooth tips are extremely effective for removing mats on long hair cats. The construction of this comb is solid. Very well made. Effectiveness is off the charts.

    April 8, 2020
  • Richard B

    Just what i expected. Thanks

    February 12, 2020
  • Lisa's Mobile Groomer

    A quick shout out to Untangler. This ultra fine spaced comb is a superior tool for humanely untangling matted cat hair. Found you on Amazon and decided to look you up so i could buy from you directy. The rotating teeth are incredibly effective. Thank you.

    February 10, 2020
  • Michael K

    This ultra fine tooth comb is superior for cat hair. I am amazed how well it works. Zombie, my cat, seems to like the rotating teeth. I’m online now ordering the large dual-spaced comb. Glad it’s made in USA MAGA!

    January 29, 2020
  • Dr. Paper

    I use the 5” narrow spaced Kitty Kat Comb and the 7” dual-spaced Kitty Kat Comb for detangling and grooming Cats.  I give my Clients Untangler Kitty Kat Combs as gifts so that they can effectively clean and groom their Felines at home.

    September 1, 2019

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