Untangler Story

Inventor of the Rotating Tooth Combs to prevent pet pain

Untangler Story

Inventor Ron Owen of Steven Plastics developed and patented the original rotating tooth comb for the love of pets.    Ron noticed that his pet would flinch’ every time he tried to untangle his pets matted hair.   He noticed that pet hair was snagging and wrapping around the fixed pin and pulling on the hair follicle causing pain and causing his pet to snarl and groan.


An inventor by trade, he set out to design a spine that would hold each pin separately to prevent hair from pulling and snagging.  After many proto-types, he successfully designed a honeycomb spine which allowed each pin to rotate 360 degrees, independently of the other pin allowing teeth to move and glide and untangle thick mats without snagging or pulling.

Ron and Steven Plastics manufactured the new spine along with a full line of Pet combs, Rakes and Brushes to prevent harmful pain and improve pet life for pets and their owners.

Over 5 million Untangler combs and rakes have been sold globally

                                                   Made in USA!