The Untangler Story


Untangler®… Inventor of the original rotating tooth pet comb for the love of pets.  Steven Plastics Inc. developed and patented the original rotating tooth combs to reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin, reducing painful grooming.

Back Story:

Ron Owen, designer at Steven Plastics Inc, noticed that his golden retriever, Wilson would ‘flinch’ every time he combed out mats and tangles.  He took time to observe that hair was clinging and wrapping around the comb pins pulling on the undercoat causing pain to his pup.

At that moment, Ron decided there had to be a way to groom his pet.  After months of research, he developed a new design for a pet comb that enabled each pin to independently rotate 360° resulting in significantly less pulling force on hair.  The honeycomb spine is the secret ingredient in the design of Untangler® tools. It enables pet owners to significantly reduce the pulling force when grooming which reduces pain.  Solid stainless-steel pins in the comb design stops static build-up, preventing pet hair from clinging to the pin. Stainless-steel will never tarnish and can be safely disinfected

Untangler® has a collection of remarkable rotating tooth Combs, Rakes and Brushes. Groomers, Breeders, Vets and pet owners globally use and recommend Untangler tools.  Untangler® tools reduce pet pain and improves pet life!  100% manufactured in the USA!