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Chow Chow Tools

Customer Question:  What tools work for Chow Chows

Untangler Shedding Rake T801RKL and the Untangler Extra Long Rake T865RKL are superb for thick, double coats like Chows

The shedding rake with staggered teeth reached deep into the coat to help shed. and the rotating teeth reduce the pulling force on fur.

The Extra-Long rake does the same but i believe the staggered teeth will help a bit more.

The Untangler Mini rake: T821RK with V-shape and short handle; is designed for the face and neck ,and tender areas. thick, wide stainless steel teeth with a short handle helps you groom easily; and one more perhaps.

Untangler Professional Comb; T777 is used by many to comb through the coat, but some do not like the dual spaced teeth. The wide spaced teeth are effective.

 I do see you were looking at the Untangler 7" comb. The spacing on this comb is excellent and could work. You may want longer teeth, but this comb is one of the Best Combs on the market for most breeds!


I do not recommend the Untangler Brush. It is exceptional but the brush handle is not make for thick double coats.




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