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The inventors of rotating tooth grooming tools to prevent pain

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Rotating Teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain




I own and breed Pyrenean Shepherds and Papillons. I have used Untangler  products from the beginning. Pyrenean Shepherds are a double coated breed and have very sensitive skin. No single dog in all the years I have had these combs has ever disliked being groomed with Untangler Combs. My Breed actually runs to me when I take out the combs

One thing I especially like are the rounded tips of the individual pins in the combs.Most combs and pin brushes honestly don’t feel that great and can scratch the skin. I will wander through the booths of grooming vendors at shows and the first thing I do when contemplating a comb, rake or pin brush, is drag it across the back of my hand. If it feels rough or unpleasant to me, it is going to bother the dog.

Other grooming info.  When dogs get wet,  sandy and muddy, vegetable debris collects in their coats…  And with certain types of coat texture, if a dog gets wet, the coat can even felt.  meaning this: (water plus friction plus warmth and hair/fiber = felt).

My practice is to keep Untangler Combs with me because one quick whisk with the Untanglers and the vegetable matter, sand and dirt is out of their coat. I don’t go anywhere with the dogs that I don’t have a set of the combs and I provide the same to their handlers and owners.

My point is that even under the most challenging conditions, grooming a dog does not have to be a chore. Untangler products are so effective that I never put off combing the dogs. I often give them a quick once over before we load up after a hike, or when they come inside from playing on the property.

… Anyway, please do not ever stop making them!! And I wish more people would try them. People think they have to pay $$ and up for specialty gear–simply NOT true!!    Berger Bien-Aime Kennel



2020 Winner!  Breeder Lorraine
Griffon Show Dog – 2020 Walla Walla Kennel Club Winner!I highly recommend Untangler Combs for my Breed. The rotating teeth are miracle workers in easily removing dead hair daily.  Untangler combs work exceptionally well at getting burrs of the coat without the loss of hair.  My favorite comb is the Untangler 7” with coarse teeth. I also use Untangler Rakes.


JewelCroft Cavaliers

I was initially introduced to the “Untangler Comb” many years ago by a fellow Cavalier breeder as the “most effective grooming tool for detangling Cavalier ears” 🙂   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ears seem to be a natural magnet for tangles and mats – always collecting food and other items that their long ears come into contact with. 

 The Untangler Comb is now part of my regular regimen for regular or show grooming.  I comb out my Cavaliers’ coat using the Untangler Comb to remove any mats or tangles prior to any bath or blow drying.  It easily removes mats and tangles without causing the dog any discomfort, which is of the utmost importance to me! 

 Since then, not only have I ordered them for myself, but I have ordered them for my Cavalier pet owners’ and I would recommend the Untangler Comb as a permanent addition to any grooming kit!  

 Bonnie Sands
Jewelcroft Cavaliers 
Kitchener, ON Canada 



The Untangler Super Groom and Super Groom II Combs are especially useful in gently removing mats while cleaning and grooming the Havanese coat.

The Untangler Dual-Spaced Comb is convenient and effective ringside. We use it for touch up and  finishing before going into the show ring.

Marie – Asunray Havanese Kennel
Harvest, AL. Websitehttp://havanese.me/ 


As a long time Breeder of Leonbergers I have found the Untangler comb to be my greatest asset in the grooming kit.   The Professional Groomer II- Extra-Long (1.25”) is my grooming tool of choice.  I detangle, style, fluff and finish with a single dual-spaced comb.  I showcase this majestic breed and give monthly demonstrations on how to groom and care for the Leonberger.  I recommend the Untangler Brand for professional grooming. Rosemarie Lyon

Email: rosemarie@lymac.co.nz
Website: https://www.lyonzred.com
Lyonzred Leonbergers
Phone: +64 73666656


I use the 5” narrow spaced Kitty Kat Comb and the 7” dual-spaced Kitty Kat Comb for detangling and grooming Cats.  I give my Clients Untangler Kitty Kat Combs as gifts so that they can effectively clean and groom their Felines at home.

Dr. Ashley Paper DVM, CVA
Website: www.anastasiacatclinic.com anastasiacatclinic@yahoo.com
 Anastasia Cat Clinic; 1340 Old Dixie Hwy; St. Augustine, FL 32084  


Raewyn Mullan Braemist – Breeder Rough Collie

I have successfully bred and shown Rough Collies in New Zealand for over 30 years under the Braemist prefix.  I have bred and campaigned scores of dogs to their Championships titles, countless Groups, In Show awards and many Best in Show awards.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TheUntangler Combs.  My favorite of the Untanger combs for long coated dogs is the Professional Groomer II comb with 1¼“ teeth.  Also the Untangler Rakes which are fantastic when the dogs are shedding coat and the Mini-Rake for underbelly and tender spots.

TheUntangler Pro II Comb easily detangles the heavy thick coat of the Rough Collie painlessly and helps to prevent breakage when detangling matts.

I have been importing TheUntangler Products to New Zealand for many years (as sadly they are not available here) and can honestly say I could not do without these in my grooming bag.

Raewyn Mullan Braemist- New Zealand



I hold the record for the most AKC Champion Afghans ever bred  for over twenty five years.  So not only do I sell and HIGHLY RECOMMEND TheUntangler Combs, I use them myself. My favorite of TheUntangler Combs for long or shorter coated dogs is the Professional Groomer Comb  II with 1 1/4″ teeth #T777PX. After shampooing in SummerWinds Shine Onnn pH balanced Shampoo and finishing with SummerWinds Fine L Shine Cream Rinse Conditioner the Pro !! comb easily detangles the long fine coat of an Afghan painlessly and helps to prevent breakage when detangling matts.

Rosemary Sutton -CEO; SummerWinds® BIS LLC
Email: summerwindsBis@aol.com


I was totally amazed at how it performed using it on knots and tangles on my dogs.  So impressed I was, that I then ordered quite a number of combs just to give to my puppy owners and a couple of breeder friends in England.

I would certainly encourage anyone thinking of purchasing one to do so and you will never regret your purchase.  The comb I use most often is TheUntangler 7” Professional Groom Comb –regular spaced and dual spaced teeth, and the Mini-Rake for grooming ears and other tender spots.

Donna Robillard; Email: winrob01@gmail.com
Winrob Reg’d Kennel; Greely, Ontario. Canada K4P 1C2 


I love TheUntangler grooming combs for my Breed. Especially the TheUntangler7” Professional Groom Comb, Professional Dual-spaced Comb and Grooming Rakes. The combs and rake work very well on my breeds because of the material. I hate the grooming, so when it’s faster because the material, it’s really super !

The Untangler Grooming tools are perfect for dogshows! My dogs got 6 and 7 titles of beauty champion, not only because the precision spacing of the Untangler grooming Tools. I recommend Untangler for professional and easy grooming.

Website: www.briard-petiterochette.fr
Email: lapetiterochette@yahoo.fr
La Petite Rochette, France

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