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Made in the U.S.
Made in the USA!
The inventors of rotating tooth grooming tools to prevent pain

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Rotating Teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain


Tumbled smooth rotating teeth actually do prevent pain to pets when combing out tangles or brushing coats. Here’s why: when teeth are silky smooth and rotate 360 degrees and move up and down, pet hair does not snag on the pin or wrap around the pin and pull on the hair follicle. This is what prevents pain.

When pet hair is matted and tangled, rotating combs are extremely gentle in untangling mats. Tapered pins are designed to move up and down while rotating. This constant motion gently loosens tangled hair preventing the need for cutting out mats. Yes you must be patient!!…but the Untangler® comb can wiggle out the mat. Proven to be extremely effective.

When pet hair is wet, pain to pets can be significant. Wet pet hair can easily wraps around pins, especially when wet. A non-rotating comb can cause hair to wrap tightly and pull significantly on the hair follicle which causes pain. A scientific study concluded that rotating teeth are more gentle to pet hair than conventional combs because the teeth move up and down while rotating, greatly eliminating the pulling force that causes hair to pull and break and cause pain.

Untangler® uses only pure, solid stainless-steel pins that are precisely tapered then tumbled until the tips extra round and smooth. This process takes 2-3 day to accomplish. The finished pins are then polished to perfection.

Never or rare! Pins are designed to float freely in the spine so they move up and down and rotate. Pins are sonic welded in a custom process to preserve the movement of the pin and prevent the pin from falling out which keeps children and pets safe from swallowing loose pins.

Untangler® combs, rakes and brushes are 100% Made in USA.  They are manufactured, hand assembled  and packaged at Steven Plastics Inc. Hoffman Estates, IL USA, by a team of veteran employees who love pets.

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