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The inventors of rotating tooth grooming tools to prevent pain

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Rotating Teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain

The coats of English setters are described as feathered because the hair grows long and silky  on their ears, legs and bellies. Because the English setter has such long, silky hair, weekly  grooming and occasional baths are required to keep the coat soft and healthy. Although  show dogs may need to be groomed more regularly, weekly brushing is sufficient to control  shedding in most English setters kept as companion pets. 

Step 1: If you haven’t brushed your Setters coat in several days, many groomers  recommend spraying the coat with a detangling solution before you begin brushing.  

Step: 2: Brush the coat using a gentle Brush like the Untangler PRO Brush (T906PRO) with  silky smooth rotating teeth. The Untangler PRO Brush is extremely gentle to silky coated  Breeds because each pin on the brush is designed to rotate independently, providing a  gentle, fluid motion that detangles hair without pulling. Rotating teeth will move and glide  through the coat and wiggle out many small mats without hurting your pup.  

NOTE: Begin brushing at the Setter’s head and follow the direction of hair growth. If you  find large tight mats, use a fine-tooth Comb to clear it. The Untangler Super Groom II (T735SS) with 30 narrow-spaced rotating teeth is extremely effective in clearing large mats  on silky coats. If the mat is rock hard, a mat splitter may be needed. (not sold by Untangler)

Step 3: Final Combing and Finishing: Use the Untangler Groomer II Comb with dual-spaced  rotating teeth. The Untangler Groomer II Comb with Extra-Long Teeth reaches to the skin  level and deep cleans it. us Award Winning Groomers use the Untangler Groomer II  Professional Comb cleaning, final combing and finishing.  

Untangler Rotating Tooth Grooming Tools are Made in USA

All Untangler Rotating Tooth Grooming Tools are manufactured and hand assembled by the  dedicated Untangler Team at Steven Plastics, Inc. Hoffman Estates, IL USA. 

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