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The inventors of rotating tooth grooming tools to prevent pain

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Rotating Teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain

5 Star Reviews

I own and breed Pyrenean Shepherds and Papillons I have used these products from the beginning. Have never found anything to replace them and they are so affordably priced and well made! I have a couple other specialty combs and brushes from "high end" pet grooming brands (ala boar bristle brushes, other rotating teeth combs) but if you asked me to choose only one brand of pet comb it would be the Untangler products hands down. Pyrenean Shepherds are a double coated breed and have very sensitive skin. No single dog in all the years I have had these combs (and I buy them for new owners) has ever disliked being groomed. They will actually run to me when I take out the combs... Anyway, please do not ever stop making them!! And I wish more people would try them. People think they have to pay $$ and up for specialty gear--simply not true.
Berger Bien-Aime Kennel
Our 11-week-old Samoyed was in need of a good brush. Just received our Untangler Rakes and Professional Extra-Long Comb. Untangler works like magic for Lumi. We will be back! Thanks Untangler, Cheers from downunder!
James H.

How did I go so long without this magical tool?

My story starts with my Very long haired bicolor Persian, Sunday the cat. I've always been fond of the greyhound medium course comb, which I very strongly still recommend for anyone with an long haired cat, I somehow stumbled upon this double row mini rake and decided to order.

Let me tell you this thing works through tight knots like nothing I have ever seen. It makes getting knots that normally would need to get shaved or cut out no big deal! That's a pretty huge deal! After not being groomed for nearly a week a Persian gets pretty knotted up and this knocked grooming out in no time! As an added bonus Sunday loves the new rake! I'll definitely be suggesting this handy tool for years to come! My only complaint is that I wish I would have found it sooner!

Austin, TX
Paige K.
Austin, TX
Just bought a new 7" Ferrari Red Untangler comb. My neighbor borrowed it and kept it. I am amazed how well this works. :). My Bernese mix Roco says hi.
Cindy A.
Sacramento, CA
My kitty loves the rub. Soon as he sees the comb he gets ready for a rub. Amazing. The best comb on the market. Gentle rotates and effectively untangles matted hair. No more cutting it out. I'm a fan!
Jay B.
Tampa, FL
Chivas says "loved my untangler raking today- 5*****.i sure enjoy the rubbing teeth rolling over my back and belly. feels soooo good. Arf! thanks 💓💓💓
Rebecca B.
Cincinnati, OH
Spice and i give 5 Meows!!! for Untangler Kitty Kat combs. Love the narrow teeth on the 5". So easy to clear matted hair. The comb is silky smooth. Kitty doesn't move....she's hooked.
Chery K.
Evanston, IL
Love my mini-rake- 5 + stars. The mini-rake is a cure all for my Cockapoo. a lifesaver! I use a comb as well but this magic mini rake is small enough to reach the tough tangles. Love this thing. And so does Maddie. Cute isn't she?
Linzie R.
Las Vegas, NV
Amazing comb for my golden Lucas. The handle is flat and easy to hold. Easy to insert rounded teeth into the coat without stabbing the undercoat. great stuff.
I have used your wonderful combs since 2006! They are, in my opinion, the best on the market!!I love the quality, they are not uncomfortable to my fur babies with long hair!!I have Persian Cats, Shih Tzus. When I have litters of babies. I have purchased your products, they go home with each kitty or puppy in their care packages when they leave me!! I hope you stay around forever, there is no comparison to your products.
Patricia A
East Meadows, NY

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