Fisherman's Round Tackle Box


Brand: Untangler

Product Description

Round Tackle Box - designed by fishermen for fishermen  so you can easily customize your box to your Tackle for a day on the water.  Made in USA!

Easily fits within a 5 or 6 gallon bucket.  Box Uses 3" depth of space inside a bucket so you can bring along a jacket, food and water, sun screen, bug spray and still have room to fit your tackle box 

 19-35 spaces depending on # of dividers you install


4 MAIN COMPARTMENTS:  2 on one side and 2 on the other side.

Top Left section: 6-14 sections for medium sized items like plugs, spoons, gigs and large weights.  Use a divider to create a separate section for pyramid weights and egg sinkers.

Top Right Section: large open section with no dividers for odd shape items; needle nose plyers, tape measure, soft plastic bags etc. 

Bottom Left Section:  6-14 shallow spaces for smaller items; hooks, swivels, samll gigs and other terminal tackle.

Bottom Right Section: 6-14 deep spaces for larger hooks and weights.

LIDS:  Lids have a louvered design so it snaps down tight against the dividers and the divider bars to eliminate tackle migration.

Design minimizes warping of the lids as the plastic ages and becomes exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures.

MATERIAL:  made of durable and environmentally safe Polypropylene (PP) material. Transparent plastic allows you to clearly see the contents of each box and compartment.

DIVIDERS:  Vertical dividers of each section are removable. Create larger compartments to fit larger items according to your needs. Horizontal dividers are not removable.

 9.5”L  x 9.5”W x 3” H
.5” hanger loop at top

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