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Rotating Teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain


Best Untangler Tools for Grooming Short Hair Cat Coats

Short Hair Cats:  Brushing is the most effective step when it comes to short hair cat grooming. Brushing your cat helps get dead hair off and sort out small fur tangles. It can also help your cat get rid of parasites like fleas and eggs sticking to her fur, especially behind the ears and neck. Brushing or combing will also feel like a massage to your cat.  It’s like cat nip!

1. Use a Brush with Rotating Teeth or Soft Bristles to start
Start everything with a gentle touch. When it comes to choosing a hair brush or comb, it’s best for you to use brushes and combs with smooth rounded tips. Use Untangler T906 short handle Kitty Brush or Untangler PRO T906PRO Brush with extra-long handle.  Untangler tools with unique rotating teeth are exceptionally gentle to Cat skin and Vet recommended for humane feline care.

2. Always Follow The Grain
When brushing, follow the hair’s direction or the “grain” to prevent pain.

3. Be Extra Careful when brushing the belly and chest areas.
You know how sensitive a cat is in some parts of her body, most especially the belly and chest. Be gentle as you do the brushing. Also, watch for small specks as indications of fleas and ticks presence. And remove them as soon as possible.

4. Clear mats before they build up.  Untangler T516KC 5″ comb and Untangler T716KC Dual-spaced combs are effective tools to clear tight mats.  Hold mat at the skin level and work to clear the mat working from the outside toward the skin.  Then comb through.

Best Untangler Grooming Tools for Short-Hair Cat coats

Cat Health

Cats are adept self-groomers when they are in good health, but there may be occasions that they need a bath.  If you notice that your long-haired cat has issues with their fur, such as hair loss, redness of skin, dull or dry coat, etc. then health issues might be the problem. Schedule an appointment with your Vet so the issue can be diagnosed and addressed.  

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