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Best Untangler Tools for Grooming Long Hair Cat Coats

Cats with long hair require frequent grooming to keep mats from forming.

  1. Daily brushing is a must: it may seem excessive, but when it comes to long-haired cats, they need this routine. Untangler T906PRO Brush is recommended.  Even cats with medium-long fur can benefit from your focused attention on the coat and on them! You will notice a distinct difference in the amount of hair that ends up on the floor and furniture, and your cat’s coat will shine.
  2. Ease your cat into a brushing routine:  It takes a while for kitty’s and cats to acclimate to brushing. Keep brushing sessions short and stop brushing if your cat is noticeably uncomfortable. Try again later.
  3. Choose a time when your cat is relaxed – After your cat wakes up from a nap, eats their meal, or is self-grooming are some of the best times to groom.  Remember to give them treats for the effort.
  4. Choose your tools: To effectively remove loose and dead fur from the coat, we recommend either The Untangler T906PRO or Untangler Short Handle T906Brush both with 40 rotating stainless-steel.  
  5. Brush the tail: After you comb the body, switch to a brush that’s designed for cats. Brush your cat’s tail from the base out; pay careful attention not to pull on the fur.
  6. Detangle tight mats with a comb:  Untangler T735SS Super Groom II  with narrow-spaced teeth or Untangler 7″ Dual-Spaced Comb T716KC are excellent tools,  designed for gentle feline care and endorsed by Vets. Mats can lead to skin problems when left unmanaged. Use a spray-on conditioner for cats to help loosen the tangles.  Untangler combs are recommended to gently wiggle out tangles before brushing.

Best Untangler Grooming Tools for Long-Hair Cat coats

Cat Health

Cats are adept self-groomers when they are in good health, but there may be occasions that they need a bath.  If you notice that your long-haired cat has issues with their fur, such as hair loss, redness of skin, dull or dry coat, etc. then health issues might be the problem. Schedule an appointment with your Vet so the issue can be diagnosed and addressed.  

Don’t let a hairy house get you down. With the right tools and techniques, you can reduce shedding, and your furry friend will have a healthy and amazing coat that shines.

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