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Rotating Teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain

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Best Untangler Tools for Grooming Curly Haired Cats

Curly coated Cats is an unusual genetic variation. A curly coat is scientifically referred to as rexed coat. 

Currently, only four rexed breeds are internationally recognized: Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, LaPerm and Selkirk Rex. The curly coat in all of these four breeds is encoded by different rexed mutations, which is why their appearances greatly vary too. 

  1. The Cornish Rex doesn’t have outer or middle coat layers, it only has a fine, soft and curly undercoat about 1cm long. Cornish Rexes are very prone to hair loss, however, many develop a thin undercoat which goes partially bald over certain body parts over time. 
  2. The Devon Rex has a short, curly and plush coat without the undercoat.
  3. LaPerms have a very iconic, sensuous coat with pompous and soft curls. They can be both short-haired and long-haired. Some kittens may be born hairless or lose the short, wavy coat within the first three weeks after birth. During the first four months of their life, these kittens go through different stages of baldness before finally growing their luxurious and iconic locks.
  4. The Selkirk Rex is a cat with presumably the ‘highest’ curled coat of the four. Their coat is a lot denser and longer Selkirk Rexes can be both short-haired and long-haired and many time have fuller coats with less tight curls.

There is a common misconception about curly haired cats…. that their coat is low-maintenance, but the truth is, these cats need just as much grooming as a Ragdoll, if not more.


  • Choose your tools: To effectively remove loose and dead fur from the coat, we recommend either The Untangler T906PRO or  Untangler Short Handle T906Brush both with 40 rotating stainless-steel and silky smooth rounded tips for gentle cleaning.  The pins  reach through the curly hair to the skin and gently clean loose hair,  dirt, debris.  Rotating teeth constantly rub and massage the cats skin which you brush which relaxes them during grooming. 
  • Brush the tail: After you comb the body, switch to a brush that’s designed for cats. Brush your cat’s tail from the base out; pay careful attention not to pull on the fur.
  • Detangle tight mats with a comb:  Untangler 5″ Kitty Comb, T516KC  with narrow-spaced teeth or Untangler 7″ Dual-Spaced Comb T716KC are excellent tools designed for gentle, humane feline care. Used and endorsed by Vets.


Mats can lead to skin problems when left unmanaged. Use a spray-on conditioner to help loosen the matted hair or use a small amount of cornstarch and rub the mat to soften before combing through tangled hair.  

Best Untangler Grooming Tools for Curly Cat Coats

Untangler Brushes effectively remove loose hairs from curly hair cats. Vets recommend Untangler 7” dual-spaced combs with gentle rotating teeth to remove matted hair and groom both soft and tight curls on the cat’s torso.

As always, be gentle when brushing to avoid excessive pulling on tangles. Many Vets recommend Untangler rotating tooth combs and brushes because rotating teeth significantly  reduce the pulling force on cat skin, preventing pain.  Cats love the rubbing motion of rotating teeth.

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