Tips For Grooming Your Dog


Dogs have a habit of getting dirty. Those powerful noses are excellent for sniffing out mud, skunks, burrs, and many other substances that will warrant a bath or a trip to the groomers. Dogs with short fur usually don’t have a problem with tangles when you try to groom them, however if you have a dog with a long luxurious coat, you know the struggle of trying comb out every snarl and knot.

With the Untangler comb in your arsenal of grooming tools, you can put those days behind you. This dog detangler comb is excellent for smoothing out the pesky snares in your dog’s fur. Our comb has rotating teeth which make it easier to untangle your pet’s fur. Browse our combs or contact us with any questions you may have.

Though the Untangler may help you when combing out your dog’s fur, there are still other aspects about grooming that may cause problems. In today’s blog we will give you some tips and tricks for grooming your dog to make it easier to you to tackle the task of cleaning your canine.

Brush Ahead of Time

To make it easier to brush your dog after a bath, brush through their fur ahead of time. If there are a bunch of knots and snags in your pooch’s fur during their bath, you may not be able to fully clean their fur.

The Untangler makes it easy to get through knots and tangles in your dog’s fur. Our dog detangler comb comes equipped with rotating teeth and will quickly tackle those snarls. Now you don’t have to spend forever struggling to get through pesky tangles with a dog who doesn’t want to sit still. Buy your Untangler today!

Have the Right Bathing Equipment

If you plan to bathe your dog at home on a regular basis, it may be a good idea to invest in tools that will make the task a little easier.

Non-slip Mat

A non-slip mat will give your dog traction during bath time. A dog who is struggling to get their footing will be fidgety and it will make it harder for you to bathe them. With a non-slip mat, they will have the traction they need and won’t have to slip around in the tub.

Suction Cup Tether

Do you have a dog that hates bath time? Take one from the professional’s playbook with a suction cup tether. This tether will attach to your bathroom wall with a suction cup making it easy to remove once you’re done washing your pup. All you have to do is clip them in with a short leash! They won’t be going anywhere.

Handheld Spray Nozzle

Gone are the days of filling and dumping buckets of water on your dog to rinse them clean. With a handheld spray nozzle it’s easy to rinse them off with a gentle spray while massaging their fur to make sure all the suds are gone.

Rinse Thoroughly

This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s important to rinse your dog thoroughly to remove all the shampoo. If you’ve failed to rinse your dog completely, their fur will develop a buildup of shampoo and dirt, which will result in more baths.

Dry and Brush

Once you’ve finished washing and rinsing your dog, let them shake off excess water from their fur. This may be annoying, but it will help you out when it comes to dry. You can either use a towel or a hairdryer, but the key is to dry your dog’s fur all at once.

After drying off your pup, comb through their fur one more time. It should be pretty easy since you combed through it before their bath, but there is still the chance that your dog may have a couple tangles. Luckily you have the Untangler with its rotating teeth to help you tackle any tangles that cross your path.

Browse our selection of dog detangler combs and find the perfect comb for your pooch. If you have any questions, contact us at the Untangler and we will be happy to assist you. Happy grooming!

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