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The Benefits of Grooming Your Pet

Even with the best products, grooming your pet can be a hassle. Some animals hate water, while others simply can’t sit still for the amount of time that is required. However, it’s important to groom your pet on a regular basis. In today’s post, we will discuss the benefits of grooming your pet to give you a better idea of how you can both benefit from this seemingly not-so-enjoyable activity.The first step to successful grooming is having the right pet combs and brushes in your arsenal. It can be difficult to find not only the right products, but also products that work as they promise. Luckily, The Untangler is here to help! Our line of pet combs and brushes are...

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Essentials for Grooming Your Dog

One of the necessary parts of being a dog owner is mastering the art of grooming. No matter if your dog has short, medium, or long hair, grooming is essential for maintaining a healthy coat. That being said, It’s important to know what tools you will need to effectively take on the challenge of grooming, and in today’s post, we will take a look at what tools you will need in your grooming arsenal.The most essential grooming tool you need is a pet comb or brush. At the Untangler, we offer a variety of pet combs and brushes for all types of fur. Not to mention, our combs and brushes are designed with stainless steel rotating teeth that glide through...

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Tips For Grooming Your Dog

  Dogs have a habit of getting dirty. Those powerful noses are excellent for sniffing out mud, skunks, burrs, and many other substances that will warrant a bath or a trip to the groomers. Dogs with short fur usually don’t have a problem with tangles when you try to groom them, however if you have a dog with a long luxurious coat, you know the struggle of trying comb out every snarl and knot. With the Untangler comb in your arsenal of grooming tools, you can put those days behind you. This dog detangler comb is excellent for smoothing out the pesky snares in your dog’s fur. Our comb has rotating teeth which make it easier to untangle your pet’s...

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