How To Minimize Dog Shedding

How to minimize dog shedding


If you have a dog, you know the struggle of finding dog hair on every piece of clothing, furniture, and carpets. While shedding is to be expected from your furry friend, there are ways you can minimize the output of fur to make it more manageable.

One way to ensure you stay on top of the mountain of fur you find in your home is regular grooming. If your dog is blessed with long, luscious locks, grooming may be tedious due to knots and snags. As your Top Rated National® for grooming products, The Untangler makes the task of grooming your lovable pup easy! With stainless steel, rotating teeth, tangles are no match for our pet combs and brushes. Browse our dog grooming products and find the perfect tool to add to your arsenal today!

In this post, we will take a look at some of the reasons why your dog may be shedding excessively. Continue reading to learn more.

Reasons For Excessive Shedding

Before learning ways to minimize shedding, it’s important to understand the reason behind it. Know why your dog sheds so much will better prepare you for finding a remedy.

Lack Of Nutrition

The right diet makes all the difference when it comes to your favorite pooch. Just like humans, it’s important for animals to eat a healthy diet. Kibbles or wet foods that are full of preservatives, or ingredients with names that are hard to pronounce, may not be the best sources of nutrients. Instead, look for foods that use real ingredients like chicken or steak, and avoid filler ingredients like corn.

Dog Shedding Season

Dogs will usually shed more during the spring and the fall, which is completely normal. During the winter, dogs will produce a thicker coat in order to stay warm. In the spring, they shed their thick coats in order to make room for a lighter coat for the summer! During the fall, this process is reversed. Think of it like switching out your clothes to match the different seasons!


Health reasons may also play a role in your dog’s shedding habits. If your favorite fluff ball suddenly starts shedding more or develops patchy looking fur, schedule an appointment with your vet to rule out any health issues, such as ringworm, cancer, or mange. When it comes to your pup’s health, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Believe it or not, the gender of your dog plays a role in how much he or she sheds. Studies have shown that female dogs who have not been spayed will shed more than males. Female dogs who have not been spayed will go through hormone cycles that cause he to shed more than usual.


Stress hormones wreak havoc on the body in both humans and canines. While humans may cope with stress by eating junk food or going for a run, extreme amounts of stress can cause your pup to shed. Because of this, don’t be surprised if Fido sheds more than usual in your car on the way home from the vet or on the couch after a big family party.

The Untangler

Grooming your pup is a great way to maintain a healthy coat, but if your dog has long fur that has a tendency to get tangled, The Untangler can help! Whether you’re looking for a dog hair comb, coat brush, or another grooming utensil for your arsenal, as your Top Rated National® product for pet grooming, we’ve got you covered. With rotating, stainless steel teeth, the Untangler combats knots with ease and leaves you with a soft, glossy coat. Browse our selection of pet combs and brushes to find the perfect dog detangler brush for your pooch today!

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