Essentials for Grooming Your Dog

One of the necessary parts of being a dog owner is mastering the art of grooming. No matter if your dog has short, medium, or long hair, grooming is essential for maintaining a healthy coat. That being said, It’s important to know what tools you will need to effectively take on the challenge of grooming, and in today’s post, we will take a look at what tools you will need in your grooming arsenal.

The most essential grooming tool you need is a pet comb or brush. At the Untangler, we offer a variety of pet combs and brushes for all types of fur. Not to mention, our combs and brushes are designed with stainless steel rotating teeth that glide through tough tangles, making grooming a more enjoyable experience. Whether you’re in need of a shedding rake for your long-hair dog or you’re looking for a comb specifically for bath time, we have you covered. Check out our pet combs and brushes from the Untangler today!

Know the Needs of Your Breed

Before you stock up on all the essential tools you need for grooming, you need to know and understand the specific needs of your dog. Different breeds of dogs will have different grooming needs. For example, dogs with long, thick coats of fur will need to be brushed more frequently than dogs with shorter fur. If you’re unsure if your dog has specific grooming needs or areas that need special attention, you will want to do some research or ask your vet what they recommend.

Stock Up on the Right Tools

Once you know and understand your dog’s grooming needs, you will need to shop for the right tools! Depending on your pup’s grooming needs, you will need to buy different products or better quality products. For example, if your vet mentioned that your dog will need to have his or her nails trimmed on a regular basis, you may want to invest in high-quality nail clippers that will make the experience as pain-free and tolerable as possible.

Brushes and Combs

It’s no secret that dogs shed, and a great way to combat shedding before your home is covered in dog hair is to brush or comb your dog regularly. For this reason, a good brush or comb is an essential part of your grooming arsenal. Unfortunately, there are many different types of dog combs and brushes available. It’s a good idea to do your research and see what type of pet comb or brush you will need for your dog, and don’t be surprised if you go home with more than one.


As much as your dog may hate bath time, it’s important to give your dog a bath every once in awhile, especially if he or she likes to roll around in the dirt. That being said, many dog owners are unsure whether or not dog-specific shampoo and conditioner are necessary. Dogs and humans have different skin, and
human shampoo generally is too acidic for dogs. While bathing your pup with your shampoo when you’re in a bind won’t harm them, in the long run, it’s better to use dog-specific shampoo to avoid any problems.

These are just a few of the tools that you will need to groom your dog. If you’re in the market for pet combs and brushes, look no further than the Untangler. Our dog grooming products are made with rotating, stainless steel teeth that will easily tackle your toughest tangles. Check out our products and stock up on all the grooming tools you need from the Untangler!

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