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Made in the U.S.
Made in the USA!
The inventors of rotating tooth grooming tools to prevent pain

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Rotating Teeth significantly reduce the pulling force on pet hair and skin preventing pain

About Us

Steven Plastics is the inventor of the original Untangler rotating tooth comb in 1996.

How Untangler was invented:

Ron Owen a technical designer engineer at Steven Plastics, developed the original rotating tooth comb for the love of pets. Ron noticed that his dog Wilson, would flinch’ and pull away every time he tried to untangle its matted hair with a comb. After close observation, Ron noticed that pet hair was snagging on the fixed pin and pulling on the hair follicle causing his dog Wilson to groan and snarl.

Ron was driven to explore a new design that would allow comb pins to move freely in the spine resulting in less pulling force when combing through pet hair. After many prototypes, Ron successfully designed a honeycomb spine which allowed each pin to independently rotate 360 degrees while moving up and down. He discovered that this constant pin movement and rotation significantly reduced the pulling force on pet hair and skin and significantly reduced pain.

Ron patented his design and The Untangler® was born! Untangler rotating Tooth Combs and Rakes are manufactured and hand assembled at Steven Plastics Inc, Hoffman Estates, IL. USA.

Since 1996, Untangler® rotating tooth grooming tools have been sold in more than 15 Countries worldwide. Groomers, Breeders and Vets recommend Untangler® Products for less pet grooming pain. 

Benefits of Untangler rotating teeth

1) Significantly reduces painful grooming: Rotating teeth is Key is reducing grooming pain. Stainless steel teeth continuously rotate 360 degrees while moving up/down to wiggle out matted hair and knots without pulling. Pin rotation prevents pet hair from wrapping and clinging to the pin which significantly reduces the pulling force on skin and reduces pain. 

3) Cleans skin and massages: Silky smooth teeth, with tumbled smooth tips rub and massage the skin as the teeth rotate. Rotating pin action stimulates circulation, relaxes muscles, and increases natural oil production keeping keep skin and coats healthy.

4) Secure Binding: Pins are securely sonic welded keeping children safe from swallowing loose pins. 

5) Tarnish Free: Pins are American made solid stainless-steel and never tarnish. Tools can be safely sterilized in cleaning solutions to prevent the spread of allergens

6) Made in USA with precision care in Hoffman Estates, Illinois with a veteran team of loyal employees. Untangler has sold globally for 16 years to millions of users. 

7) Results: Exceptional construction, beautiful colors, improves pet lives. Recommended by Vets, Breeder and Professional Groomers for humane care and effective results.

About Steven Plastics Inc.

Steven Plastics Inc. is an ISO certified custom plastic injection molding company located in Hoffman Estates, IL USA.   Certified in manufacturing specialty components for critical medical parts for our customers including; Perkin Elmer, Janus Automated Workstations, Sciclone and Zephyr Liquid Handlers.

Serving all industry including; Medical, Dental, Automotive, Aerospace, Sports and Fitness, plus and Consumer Products. 

Steven Plastics Manufactures patented Rotating Tooth Combs Brushes.

Proprietary Products include: 

Untangler Products: Rotating tooth Pet Combs reduce grooming pain. Vet recommended ! www.untanglerproducts.com.

Original Hair Doctor Products: Rotating tooth Hair Combs and Brushes that reduce hair loss and damage. Trichologist recommended combs.  www.hairdoctorproducts.com

Diane Pietrasik, Managing Director of Steven Plastics Inc. and Owner of Untangler and Hair Doctor Brands.  

Untangler Product Quality

Each component is made in the USA. We use BPA Free pharmaceutical grade polypropylene with 100% American made tumbled stainless-steel teeth. Each handle has an ergonomic design, providing a solid, comfortable grip. Our products are continually tested and inspected for reliability, durability, and comfort. Our rigorous quality controls ensure that our products are manufactured in an ISO certified facility.

Untangler Dedicated Team

Our dedicated Untangler production team hand assembles each item. We package and ship our pet combs and brushes in custom packaging. Our mission is to consistently deliver superior pet grooming products that deliver extraordinary results for pets and their owners.

Untangler Private Label: Private label production is available. 

Global Partners and Distributors include:

USA:  Lakewood Hospital, Whiskers, Aquarium Gourmet, Robins Pet Care, Cat Claws, Hillcrest Canine,  Summerwinds, DO-it-Yourself Doggie Wash, KV Pet Supplies,  4mypwd’s,  Claremont Pet & Aquarium Center; ; Pawtrero Hill BathHouse & Feed Co. Ltd, and numerous others.

International: Canada, Little Bear Pet Supply; UK, PetCetera.uk; Hub International; France, Groom Attitude; Germany, Schaumzeug.de.; Sweden, SATCHMO’s; Australia, Soaked To The Bone Dog Grooming,.  New Zealand: Kiwi Vet LTD.  Find all our partners under Retail Distributor Tab on the Main Menu.

Contact: Diane Pietrasik, dianepi@stevenplastics.com 

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